Turbo Trans Turisti


13.7. | 11:00

MKC Plateau

*The concert is part of the Liveurope program

Turbo Trans Turisti are an experimental punk band from Belgrade, consisting of two brothers, born as Bosko and Nikola Mijuskovic.

“Ništa Nije Strašno” is the second album of the TTT duo, released in the last days of 2023. The songs bring a more radical sound, compared to the first album “Levo ili Desno”, justifying the transition from Turisti to Turbo Trans Turisti. The live performance is a new dimension, where the audience will have the opportunity to experience raw energy, electronic sound, psychedelic guitars, screaming and choral singing, accompanied by the unbridled drums of Igor Kuzmanović (Neven, Nabod).