SEE selection July 13, 2024



  • Director:

    Nemanja Becanovic

  • Writer:

    Nemanja Becanovic

  • 2023

    75 min. (16+)

- Cinematographer
Dusan Grubin
- Editor
Nemanja Becanovic
- Cast
Ana Pejovic, Branimir Popovic, Bojan Zirovic
- Producer
Nemanja Becanovic
- Production Company
VHS Production
- Country
- Language

A homeless man has been living undisturbed in a supermarket for a year. During the day he is hidden in the ventilation system where he sleeps so that in the evening when the supermarket is closed and everyone has left, he comes out to enjoy the benefits of the offer. His peace was disturbed by Robert, a former supermarket security employee who, after being fired, also decided to “move in” in the store: since he worked in the surveillance sector, he knew how to bypass the alarm and surveillance cameras. The homeless man cautiously accepts the new acquaintance and solves the problem of loneliness.