15.7. | 11:00pm

MKC Plateau

SIZ – power duo that sometimes mutates into a trio. Typical proof that self-management works! A band that is best described by the iconic John Robb: It’s thrilling energised collision of riffs like Jon Spencer’s swagger served through the inventive guitar squabble of the Fire Engines, it’s free jazz, it’s punk, it’s funk… This is no lazy noise option but a highly intelligent collision of riffs that sound like that sharp and angular Brit post punk. Siz are constructing brave new future from the relics of post punk and it sounds utterly enthralling and cranked.

This is a music you dance to and a music that makes you think. There are no lazy moments. This is a music stripped to the bone and exploding with ideas. Its invigorating chops make them sound like the band that Domino Records dreams of every night or Franz Ferdinand would swop all their great hits for or the might Fire Engines would return from the musical grave for.