Efterklang: The Makedonium Band (Concert)


11.7. | 10:30pm

Park MKC

In addition to the Danish band Efterklang, the ensemble Efterklang: The Makedonium Band consists of 22 Macedonian musicians, namely:

The Youth Female Choir – MKC, under the baton of maestro Saso Tatarcevski. Established in 1972, the group’s diverse performance repertory features works that uphold both the Macedonian musical heritage and the nation’s greatest composers. The Youth Female Choir is the most awarded choir in Macedonia.

Iva Damjanovski, pianist, composer and poet. She is the youngest recipient of the „Miladinov Brothers“ award at the Struga Poetry Evenings for her poetry book “Dvoumenje“.

Dina Jashari, a singer-songwriter and pop artist who expectedly became a favorite of the domestic music scene. In 2022, she received the “Milan Mladenovic” award, for best song in the region. So far, she has released 5 singles, the EP “Doma” and a collaboration with the music artist and composer Duke Bojadziev titled “Ubav den”.

Jane Trajkovski, musician. He gained recognition as a guitarist in the local indie through several local bands: Denny Te Chuva, RIB, SIZ and June. In addition, he writes music for film and theatre.

Martina Barakoska, drummer. At the age of 17, she received the award for best drummer at the “T’k Tak” festival, and recently as a performer we see her as part of the band Funk Shui. She has two solo albums under her belt and her current main goal is making her mark and inspiring those around her to pursue their passions.

Dejan Spasovic is a multimedia artist, sculptor and musician. As a follower of the legendary folk artist Pece Atanasovski, he was also a member of the Orchestra formed by his students. As a musician, he stands out in two ensembles, the cabaret-chalgia ensemble “Starowski” and “Vetrilo”.

Stefce Stojkovski, the virtuoso of traditional folk instruments. At the age of seven he started playing the kaval, and at the age of nine he had his first audio recording. In 1997, he formed his own ensemble of traditional instruments and songs “Stefce Stojkovski”. In his more than three-year career, he has released several audio and video materials, and he also works on music for film. He has performed in several countries around the world.

This musical ensemble, together with the Danish band Efterklang, will perform a unique show of the concert piece from the performance in front of the Krushevo “Makedonium” monument, which was part of the same-titled music documentary, “Efterklang: Makedonium Band”, right after the screening of the film in a magical setting under an open sky at the park behind MKC.