Official selection July 16, 2024



  • Director:

    Grazia Tricarico

  • Writer:

    Marco Morana, Giulio Rizzo, Grazia Tricarico

  • 2023

    103 min. (16+)

- Cinematographer
Corrado Serri
- Editor
Davide La Porta
- Cast
Jacqueline Fuchs, Julian Sands, Adam Misik, Stefan Sauk, Lukas Loughran, Hanna Ullerstam, Maximilian Dirr, Tim Pritchett, Jun Ichikawa, Mili Pecherer, Jacelyn Parry
- Producer
Donatello Della Pepa, Salvatore Lizzio, Federico Giacinti, Antonella Volpe, Riccardo Di Pasquale, Olga Lamontanara, Michela Pini, Amel Soudani
- Production Company
Revok, Fenix Entertainment, Amka Films Productions
- Country
Italy, Switzerland
- Language

Mona, a professional bodybuilder, is preparing for the most important competition of her career. Her life is under the constant surveillance of her trainer who, like a demiurge, closely watches over her daily movements. Her encounter with a mysterious young man jeopardizes this delicate balance and a previously hidden conflict emerges within Mona, an inner struggle with her own body.