ZJM collective with Strings

ЗЏМ колектив со Гудачки оркестар

Another special project from the “Association of Jazz Musicians and Free Artists of Macedonia”

The programme includes works by Macedonian composers and performers who are members of the ZJM orchestra.

This is a special event where you can enjoy the beautiful compositions written and arranged for this concert. The sound of the orchestra composed of 23 top Macedonian music artists will confirm their commitment to making and creating new works of music worthy of performing at this edition of CINEDAYS, known as the film festival with the best music programme.

This event is a something new and truly refreshing on the Macedonian scene due to the quality of the compositions and the quality of the performing artists, with numerous concerts, awards and recognitions.

September 24th, MKC Park, closing of the 19th edition of the European Film Festival – CINEDAYS.