Director:Igor Ivanov
Producer:Tomi Salkovski
Writer:Igor Ivanov, Sasho Kokalanov
Cinematographer:Maja Radosevic
Editor:Martin Ivanov
Cast:Aleksandar Matovski Cako, Natasha Petrovic, Igor Angelov, Jordan Simonov, Maylinda Kosumovic, Sashko Kocev, Oliver Mitkovski, Sergej Dimovski
Production:2020, North Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Slovenia
Language:Macedonian, Albanian, Bulgarian
МК Premiere91 min. (16+)

What is Man? “Homo” shows six faces, six phases in cleverly- connected, blackly comic episodes as desperate characters meet unwittingly in a modern metropole in the eternal search for the means to survive, and find some kind of love. The jobless graduate becomes a grave digger, the grieving widow a nun, the priests gamble and gangsters rule the courts. Only the lonely child may find some affection when hope springs eternal.