The band Ljuboyna, which most authentically conveys the pulse of the Macedonian traditional sound, has not only founded its work on its descending to the “source” but deeply immerses into what we call contemporary sound, the Macedonian music of the 21st Century with all its passion and vigour. It is an elegant music with rough rhythmic beat and intermingled music styles. Two words brought Ljuboyna to life, “ljubov” (love) and “boj” (battle). Its music is tied to the Macedonian life and founded on the Macedonian traditional music. The idea of the band is to utter music as one universal language. A great experience lies behind the musicians’ devotedness and an art passed down from the masters of this music. Then the music itself, European deep inside, though with fashions and influences from the East, creates a mix of sweet and salty savours and elegance relieved by the feelings that sway and bring you to joyful sorrow. Enlivened and shared between both sides of Via Egnatia, the East and the West, Ljuboyna sings of the past and the present, of the unrepeatable, the genuine and the forever modern beat.