November 12, 2018
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Aleksa Stefan Radunović

12. 11. | 19:00 | cinema Frosina

Времетраење / Runtime: 84’
Држава / Country: Црна Гора / Montenegro
Јазик / Language: Црногорски / Montenegrian
Премиера / Release Date: 26 јули 2018 (Хрватска) / 26 July 2018 (Croatia) – Motovun Film Festival

Режија / Director: Aleksa Stefan Radunović
Сценарио / Writers:
Aleksa Stefan Radunović
Продуцент / Produced by:
Andisheh Namvari
Музика / Music by:
Gavrilo Radunović
Кинематографер / Cinematography by:
Galen Humber
Монтажа / Film Editing by:
Dejan Urošević
Улоги / Cast:
Savo Šćepanović, Milica Šćepanović, Tatijana Marinović, Sejfo Seferović, Vuk Sandić, Saša Radunović, Veljko Tošković, Ilija Redžić

Lazy Guy is a look at the life of many youth and their families in Montenegro’s capital city, Podgorica. Through the story of a young man struggling to find a job, the film attempts to show the culture, economic conditions of the country and how the normalization of corruption and dishonesty has led to despair and apathy. “Lazy Guy” (Lijnestina) refers to the stereotyping of Montenegrins as lazy people. Through the experience of the main character, fighting against chronic hardship and disillusionment, in an environment knowing little prosperity, we should come to see the error of the label.

Фестивали и награди / Festivals and awards:
Montenegro Film Festival – Special Jury Prize;
Omladinski Film Festival Sarajevo – Best Film – The Biggest 5 Selection;

Motovun Film Festival