November 11, 2017
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Stephan Komandarev

11. 11. | 20:00 | Cinema Millennium

12. 11. | 17:30 | Cinema Millennium

Времетраење / Runtime: 103’
Држава / Country: Бугарија, Македонија, Германија / Bulgaria, Macedonia, Germany
Јазик / Language: Бугарски / Bulgarian

Режија / Director: Stephan Komandarev
Сценарио / Writers: Stephan Komandarev, Simeon Ventsislavov
Продуцент / Produced by: Vladimir Atanasov, Torsten Bonhoff, Stephan Komandarev, Angela Nestorovska, Katya Trichkova, Vera Weit, Stelios Ziannis
Продукција / Production Company: Argo Film, Aktis Film Production, Sektor Film Skopje, Digital Images
Кинематограф / Cinematography by: Vesselin Hristov
Монтажа / Film Editing by: Nina Altiparmakova
Улоги / Cast: Vasil Banov, Ivan Barnev, Assen Blatechki, Stefan Denolybov, Dobrin Dosev, Gerasim Georgiev, Troyan Gogov, Borislava Stratieva

Contemporary drama which takes place within a period of 24 hours, intertwining the fates of a group of people in six taxi vehicles – heroes of the current Balkan reality.  In one day we are witnessing some of the real problems, and even absurdities of today’s society in this region. Through the eyes of taxi drivers and customers around the streets, we can slowly feel the diversity of everyday life, even in its darkest hue. Individual stories are united by one death, which gives a chance for a new life.

Фестивали и награди / Festivals and awards:

Cannes Film Festival; Toronto International Film Festival; Hamburg Film Festival