November 18, 2017
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Ivan Bolotnikov

18. 11. | 19:00 | Cinema Frosina

Времетраење / Runtime: 95’
Држава / Country: Русија, Литванија, Македонија / Russia, Lithuania, Macedonia
Јазик / Language: Руски / Russian

Режија / Director: Ivan Bolotnikov
Сценарио / Writers: Ivan Bolotnikov
Продуцент / Produced by: Leonid Choub, Sasho Pavlovski, Andrey Sigle
Музика / Music by: Soni Petrovski
Продукција / Production Company: Proline Film
Кинематографер / Cinematography by: Shandor Berkeshi
Монтажа / Film Editing by: Tatyana Kuzmichyova
Улоги / Cast: Wojtek Urbanski, Grigory Chaban, Aistė Diržiūtė, Darius Gumauskas, Andrei Feskov, Artyom Semakin, Justyna Wasik, Yuri Itskov, Nikita Kukushkin, Alexander Bashirov, Nikita Yakovlev

Music and silence. Creativity and impotence. Contemplation and buffoonery.
He considers himself a genius but the publishers refuse to print his works. He loves women but they don’t always understand him. Constantly without money and out of touch with reality. The elegant fop Daniil Yuvachov names himself Kharms – a name just as effective as his appearance. An habitué of unending literary get-togethers and a lover of scandal. Living in society he is completely separate from it. Kharms throws down a gauntlet to his time, audaciously hurling himself into the vortex of reality, just as vague and arbitrary, with the same contradictions, as represented by his spirit.

Фестивали и награди / Festivals and awards:

Shanghai International Film Festival – Golden Goblet for Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography; Window to Europe Film Festival