July 31, 2017
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Submissions are accepted from the filmmaker, producer, organization, film school or other party that owns the rights to the film. To enter a film, please follow the guidelines:

1. Fill out and submit the entry form:


2. Add a link to the film and, if necessary, the password – for the film selection process we accept secure online screeners only (e.g. youtube, Vimeo), no files will be downloaded at this stage (e.g. no WeTransfer);

Before filling the entry form, please prepare the following material:
* Synopsis of the film in English;
* English subtitles
* A link to the trailer and press kit (if available);
* Information about the director, producer and the film crew;
* Film access link (e.g. youtube, vimeo) and password;

The application should be sent to the following address:

For the film selection stage festival doesn’t accept files that require a download (e.g. WeTransfer) – only viewable secure online screeners (Youtube, Vimeo, etc)!


Eligibility and entry requirements:

* Films should be long feature films, only in the form of first or second feature film made by the director applying;
* Official selection program includes films from European countries or European co-productions (EU in the role of major co-producer);
* Cine Balkan selection program accepts films from Balkan counties only if they are European co-productions and in the form of first or second feature film made by the director applying;
* Festival accepts films that have been screened in other festivals but holds the rights to prioritize films with Macedonian festival premiere;

SUBMISSIONS ARE ACCEPTED UNTIL 15/09/2017 (inclusive).


* The festival film selection committee will contact all successful applicants of the competition programme as soon as possible and no later than 1st of October, 2017.
* If the film is accepted for the competition programme, the screening copy has to be submitted by 20th of October, 2017.
* The accepted screening format is DCP.

* The awards in the Official selection program are the following: GOLDEN STAR Award for Best Film (togheter with 5.000 Euros monetary prize), SILVER STAR Award for Best Director and BLUE STAR Award for Best Screenplay all given by an international jury;

* The awards in the CINE Balkan program is the following: GOLDEN SUN Award for Best Film (togheter with 5.000 Euros monetary prize) given by an international jury;

* Special mentions are also assigned in all competition categories.



Thank you.

Wishing the best of luck for your film,
CINDAYS Festival of European Film Skopje